Commission Structure Tier

Monthly Net Win/Loss Commission Rate Active Member (in current month)
USD 0 - USD 5,777 27% >5
USD 5,778 - USD 87,777 37% >5
USD 87,778 onwards 45% >5

Calculation Formula

  • A minimum of 5 active members (members that have placed at least one bet in the month) will need to remain in a month in order to receive your commission.
  • All Poker series product's commission will be calculated base on 30% flat rate.
  • All promotion bonuses such as monetary bonus or rebates given to the affiliate's members will be deducted from the revenue.
  • Negative revenue for any given month will be carried forward to the following month.
  • All commission given will be calculated by our designated system based on the amount of revenue your players generate in total per period from each introduced player.
  • Commission will be paid out by monthly basis, approximately within 3 business days once the withdrawal is submitted.
  • Commission will be calculated based on the total amount of revenue your players generate in the given month with all promotion bonuses deducted and multiply to commission rate as stated.
  • Example

    Net losses of your players: USD 10,000

    Promotion bonuses: USD 2,000

    Commission = (10,000 - 2,000) x 37% = USD 2,960

    * Monthly net win/loss will be converting into USD in the purpose of calculation on your commission structure tier. Commission will be payout according to the currency that you registered with us.

    * USD rate will be changed accordingly with the official exchange rate provided.